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Colron Refined Danish Oil 500 ml

Colron Refined Danish Oil is a superior blend of natural oils that penetrate the wood to provide an extremely tough, durable waterproof finish, while enriching the wood grain to provide a beautiful low sheen lustre.   It enriches the wood's natural patina while providing protection from the inside out, making it ideal for use on both interior and exterior wood. 500ml. Their aim at Ronseal is always to provide products that meet exactly your requirements; that is why they spend a lot of time listening to what you have to say. They then take that feedback into their R & D Laboratories, and using the very latest technological advancements, they can then deliver innovative new products and the quality service for your DIY and project needs. This is an ongoing process and, coupled with their no-nonsense advertising and marketing, and their extensive consumer education, these innovative new product developments will continue to help them lead in their product categories, meeting and exceeding your requirements in the future.  

Rustins Danish Oil 1L

Rustins Danish Oil contains Tung Oil and other special ingredients which penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water resistant seal. The oil primes, seals and finishes all woods, including oak, teak, mahogany and pine. Rustins Danish Oil does not leave a surface film to chip or scratch. May also be used as a primer before painting and varnishing. Excellent for use on all turned work including wooden handles of kitchen equipment and tops of storage jars. Rustins Danish Oil conforms to Safety of Toys Regulations BS EN 71 Part 3 1995. Conforms to the contact with Food Regulations.
For interior and exterior use. Ideal for tables, chairs, wooden furniture, doors, dado rails, wood panelling, window frames/sills, wooden worktops etc.