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Everbuild Everlfex Contract 125 One Hour Caulk 300ml

£0.00 (Excl. VAT)
Everflex 125 One Hour is a high quality, reputable fast drying, two-in-one filler and sealant designed for sealing cracks and gaps prior to decorating. As a superior, long-lasting filler and sealant, the permanently flexible and slump resistant properties have been specifically designed to provide excellent gap filling and sealant functions. Its high quality performance adheres to most surfaces and provides the ideal time saving solution as sanding is not required. Everflex 125 One Hour Caulk’s over coating time of 1 hour make it the suitable for use around skirting boards, windows, door frames along with filling damages and crack plaster prior to wallpapering and painting. No matter what environment or substrate you are looking to seal, the Everflex range is the ideal sealant family which will provide the ideal solution.

Everbuild Everlfex Contract 125 One Hour Caulk 380ml

£0.00 (Excl. VAT)
Everflex Contract 125 One Hour Caulk is a fast-drying flexible decorators’ filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper; no sanding down required. Ideal for sealing and filling cracks and gaps prior to decorating, and for use around skirting boards, ceiling cornices, window and door frames, stair treads and risings and fixtures adjoining walls.


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The Hamilton Performance Wall Brush 4" is a blend of natural bristle & synthetic filament that combines for good paint pick-up and spreading rates. A quality job, fast.
Features & benefits
  • Good paint pick-up & spreading rate
  • Designed for speedy application of emulsion paints
  • Longer brush length for a smooth finish
  • Rust-proof copper ferrule & pins


£0.00 (Excl. VAT)
This Hamilton Performance Wall Paint Brush is made from a blend of natural bristle and synthetic filament. It’s perfect for use with emulsion paints when painting large surfaces.


  • Quickly covers large areas
  • Rust-proof copper ferrule
  • Long brush length gives smooth finish
  • For use with water-based paints