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Ronseal Furniture Oil Natural 1 L

The Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil penetrates the wood to revive colour and replaces the natural oils lost through weathering, making it look like new. It nourishes the wood from the inside out and has a rapid dry time of 2 hours meaning your garden furniture is back in use in no time. Our Hardwood Oil keeps your garden furniture looking great and you’ll only have to use it once a year. How To Use: First, give the tin a good shake, pour plenty of oil onto your cloth and wipe the oil onto your furniture, making sure you rub it in well, wipe off any excess. To get the best protection use 3 coats, leaving 4 hours between coats. If you get any oil on yourself, wash it off with warm, soapy water. Over time you’ll see the colour fade, for the best protection it’ll probably need doing every 12 months. Cleaning Up: Wash your cloths in warm, soapy water before throwing them away. Don’t pour any left over oil down the drain or into watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of unused products. Coverage: 6m² per Litre. Dry Time: Rainproof in 2 hours, 4 hours between coats.